‘Coming Soon’ site launch

August 14th, 2008 by dusty is coming soon!

Last week, Dusty mentioned, a new site I’ve been working on lately. It’ll be a live video feed of us here in Brightlymixedland – as well as other Vimeo gems & Flickr goodies. There’s no real business purpose or reasoning – other than novelty and just because we can. We’re doing it for the lolz.

I guess we could put it in marketing-speak-press-release-esque lingo: “Our latest venture is an extension of our brand and corporate personality. It’s a cross section of who we are and the essence of what we do. We believe in transparent business solutions and that is just what this site is. Focus group research has shown that viewing this new site will probably cure malaria. It’s a ‘green’ site with a high miles per gallon. It’s really all about the children.” Yikes, so many buzz words.

The real deal is still in the works, but to help promote it and have fun in the mean time, we launched the ‘coming soon’ site yesterday. I designed it with tongue firmly planted in cheek… designing intentionally ugly is fun. This time it’s a step back 10-12 yrs when the web was but a wee pup. Our sincere apologies to any seizures induced by the graphics. The jackhammer guy is my personal fave, i’ve wasted countless hours just watching his hat keep falling as he works away.

And make sure you check out the favicon – it’s a classic. (Ironically, there were no favicons when that image was around – which makes it even better.) We’ll launch in a few weeks or so. Now you know that’s not an empty promise.