Internship Outing – Bowling!

June 17th, 2008 by dusty

Way back in January when we first announced the BrightMix Internship Program, one of the core principles for the Internship was that we wanted to have fun! In fact, fun outings is even a line item as one of the perks of the job: Planned company outings (bowling, golfing, etc.) Well, sufficed to say, everyone around BrightMix (especially the interns) have been working their tails off for the past month or so, and we feel it is definitely time to do a little bowling.

So, this Friday, June 20th @ 3pm .. the whole BrightMix crew (all 7 of us!) will be heading to the bowling alley for an afternoon of gutter balls! The location will likely be West Lanes Bowling Alley, at 72nd and Dodge.

We also would like to extend the invitation to any of our loyal blog subscribers! Yup, anyone is welcome to join us… We’ll pick up the bowling tab, and maybe a pitcher or two of beer 🙂 We’d just like to have a fun afternoon out at the alley, with all our friends and colleagues.

If you think you’ll make it, comment it up! We’d love to see you there! Also, follow @brightmix on Twitter for updates!