Web Apps We’re Thankful For

November 27th, 2008 by erin

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. It’s full of good food, good naps, and hopefully good company… with out the stress of gift-giving to kids. It’s also a great time to be thankful for all of the good things in life – especially the web. This year we would like to share our favorites with you, and we want to invite you to add to our list via comment.

Erin H.


Technically, the site isn’t up yet but I love it anyway. I’ve never helped to inspire a website before. More importantly, I can’t wait to start kicking some Erin booty!!!!!11


Oh TripAdvisor, my vacations would surely suck with out you.


I don’t have cable (no, not even basic) so hulu really saves my sanity.


I don’t know how anyone can have a bad day with ninjas all over their email. I giggle every time I see them.

Erin G.


Because without it, I would have never found the best ribs in the world, Smoki O’s in Saint Louis.


Because it looks super nice and it’s super functional and they have lots of good, creative videos and film, not just a bunch of old boys ranting about braces


Because it’s been a really good resource of quality design on the web.


Lastly, couchsurfing.com because I like to travel and I like supporting people who travel. I like travelers and think staying with locals is way better than staying at a hotel.


Google Reader

I’m thankful for Google Reader, because without it, I would spend ALL my time reading blogs, and with it I only spend about HALF my time. Thanks Google.


Hands down, the best time tracking and invoicing web app around! Without this, we probably wouldn’t be able to even afford turkey today. Truly the cadillac of web-based invoicing! (I’m not even being paid to say that!)


Sometimes, when I’m feeling down, I go to Omaha.com and click around a bit. There’s just something about popups, blinking ads, and peel-down-pages that cheers me up!


Despite what WOW-T says, we here at BrightMix loooOOooOooove Twitter. The people we’ve been able to connect with, a mere 140 characters at a time, have forged some lasting friendships, and we’re definitely thankful for that.


Amazon Webservices

For their cloud computing and mass-storage network, EC2 and S3, not to mention their great services, without which our web apps would be homeless. Oh, and the Amazon Webservices guys were cool enough to post comments on Dusty’s cloud computing talk he gave last week.


Just when you got tired of browsing the web, a group of guys comes along and build this little gem to make our lives easier.


For the most blingy and cheap, javascripty photo organization and storing application. Me Gusta!


Despite the fact that it’s just online chat, it’s just really good… and sometimes addictive. Also, a lot of BrightMix’s conception occurred in Campfire chat, of all places!

Ruby on Rails

Aright, so maybe this isn’t technically an app, but it can build great web apps. Seriously though, best web-based programming framework ever. I will throw down with anyone who disagrees. Bring it!