BrightMix 2008 Summer Internship Launched!

May 15th, 2008 by kevin

Low and behold, our Summer Internship Program has started! We’re happy to welcome aboard Allyn, Robert, and Erin #2 (and arguably Andy, who started with us a few weeks prior).

We started day #1 at the ridiculously early time of 9 a.m. Allyn, Robert, and Erin #2 arrived and we chatted for a little bit about this and that. Without wasting too much time, we dived right into talking about the interns’ summer project – code named the “Feisty Piranha Project.”

What’s this Feisty Piranha all about?

We’ll be releasing more details about the project’s purpose, goal, and overall meaning soon, but for now, you can check out the Interns’ blog at

Everyone get to Work!

By mid-afternoon, much was talked about and Dusty’s voice was pretty much gone, so everyone moved to their workstations to start hacking.

We set up our two programmer interns, Robert and Allyn, in our old conference room, which turns out to be a pretty sweet workspace.

Our two designers are in the main room with Dusty, Erin, and myself. Surprisingly, even with 7 people here in our 900 sq foot space, it’s not as crowded as we expected.

Some Photos…

First Meeting!

Andy / Erin #’2 Desks

Robert / Allyn’s Desks

Programmers’ Whiteboard!

Our Weeks of Preparation!

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been busy preparing for the arrival of our interns.

This involved a lot of planning about the project and how we’re going to run it, in addition to buying a bunch of awesome equipment.

Since we’re all about treating our developers/designers right, we purchased 4x new desks, chairs, MacBook Pro’s, 24” monitors, and various mice and keyboards, based on request.

We have no shortage of equipment around the office now. As an added benefit, we can just turn on our fleet of 24” monitors this winter instead of running the furnace 😉

We had our hearts set on getting some fashionable new Ikea desks. However, the closest Ikea is in Minneapolis – not exactly a hop, skip, and a jump away. Fortunately, Erin #2 and her husband Johnny happened to be in Minneapolis.. at Ikea… at a very opportune time! Thanks for bringing us our new Ikea desks!

As it turns out, assembling the desks was a breeze, but the file cabinets… Well, the first one took at least 2 hours to put together, and the other ones are still, um, under construction.

Anyone out there want to come in and assemble these things?!

All in all, we felt the Interns’ first day went really well and was even marginally fun. As for what the interns thought? You’ll have to find out by checking out their blog at!