Open House Party – A Successful Good Time!

May 7th, 2008 by kevin

Thanks to everyone who came out for our Open House Party bash. It was great seeing our family, friends, and business acquaintances all come together to celebrate our company. We hope everyone enjoyed the event. For more info visit :

More people turned out than we expected; at one point in the evening, there were about 50 people in our office!

By the end of the night, all of the beer and wine was consumed, as well the snack foods. (The Quesadillas only lasted a few hours.) All in all, we’ve branded the event a sweeping!

We also had a sweet vinyl sign put up on our front window, compliments of Marlina. It seems as though we’re totally official now!

We spent most of that Friday preparing for the event: cooking, cleaning, moving stuff around, etc. Our thanks to Erin G., Erin H., Evan, Marlina (and Marlina’s sister who loaned us the Quesadilla maker), Shawna, and Jane for helping us out.

Now that we’ve got our open house party out of the way, we can move forward on having other fun and exciting parties. Such as the BrightMix summer slip-and-slide party and the BrightMix summer ice cream social!

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