BrightMix “Amazing” Party – Friday, Feb 13th

January 26th, 2009 by kevin


It’s that time again that never was before:

BrightMix’s Friday the 13th “Amazing” Party Party at 5pm

Join us after work for cupcakes, a Valentine’s Day pre-party, and multiple birthday celebrations (Erin #1, Dusty, Sarah Palin, Chuck Yeager, Peter Tork, Jerry Springer, Peter Gabriel, Henry Rollins, AND Mena Suvari). Or, you could choose to celebrate the 28th anniversary of the Louisville sewer explosions…or maybe you’re more into those Jason films…whatever you feel like celebrating, do it at BrightMix.

We’ll have the basics: cupcakes, drinks, napkins, and probably some sort of music. Bringing cupcakes is encouraged; even more highly encouraged is eating cupcakes.

p.s. please leave us a comment if you plan on stopping by…