Tripleseat – Year In Review

January 15th, 2009 by kevin

Since 2008 is officially over, I think it’s time to lay out some statistics and events that have occurred over the short lifetime of our first product,

Launch Statistics

  • Time to develop up until Beta Launch: Roughly 4 months of on-and-off, after hours time from Dusty and myself.
  • Beta Launched on June 18th with Upstream Brewery, a restaurant here in Omaha. Shortly after, we rounded up around 10 other Beta customers, a number of whom are still using the site.
  • Officially Launched with a paying restaurant on August 18th, 2008. Since then we have grown to 12 paying restaurants/restaurant groups.

Public Mentionings

User Metrics

  • 3750 bookings, 3100 accounts. and 3570 contacts created across all of our customers
  • 13 paying customers,  10 beta customers
  • 160 unique users across all customers
  • 80 user-submitted feedback/suggestions
  • Hours saved for customers: priceless (line shamefully stolen from this sweet blog post)

Code Statistics

  • 6440 lines of code
  • 750 lines of test coverage (yea, we’re working on it)
  • Currently at 671 SVN checkins
  • 5 major pre 1.0 releases, 5 major releases 1.0 and greater
  • 162 deployments to our staging site,  75 deployments to our production site
  • 357 total Trac Tickets, a surprising 352 tickets are closed