BrightMix at Big Omaha

July 6th, 2009 by dusty

Nearly two months ago, the entire BrightMix team put in some serious blood, sweat and tears to help the Silicon Prairie News crew to put on the Big Omaha Conference. We had a fantastic time, and I think the event was a smashing success. The rad folks at Malone & Co Photography managed to catch some seriously great photos, many of which included the BrightMix team. I thought I’d share some of them here.


View of the crowd from the fish-eye crowd-cam.


BrightMix proudly sponsored (and ate many of) the Starbursts.


Marlina and Dusty posing for the camera in front of the big Big Omaha.


Jeff and Dusty on the stage kicking off the day’s activities.


Erin #2 putting the finishing touches on the “Where are you from? Where were you born?” map.


The BrightMix team (sans Kevin) poses in front of the giant foam Big Omaha.


Dusty and Jeff with all of the Big Omaha speakers.


Last but not least, even Bentern (and Nick) got in on the action as a bouncer outside the front door of the Kaneko.