BrightMix Begins!

July 31st, 2007 by dusty

Hooray! BrightMix has officially been founded!

What We Do

Right now, we are primarily a software consulting company. In the future, we will be transitioning into a software product company. Either way, we want to create workable, simple-to-use software solutions and deliver them on time and within budget.

Why Start a Company?

BrightMix has been a long time in the making. We’ve worked in small and large companies as coders, architects, and team leads. Needless to say, we’ve witnessed and experienced a multitude of the problems that result from bad management and lackluster software development.

We hate seeing simple applications made horribly complicated and difficult to maintain. We also despise solutions that use the wrong technology, re-invent the wheel, or, simply put, don’t solve the problem they’re meant to solve!

As employees, we struggled to get our bosses and coworkers to adopt software development ideals that are undeniably faster and work better. We also hated being low-level programmers with little-to-no say in what we were coding. Ultimately, we concluded that the only way we would ever be more influential (and happier) developers would be to form a company, specializing in software development and solutions.

We’re not Joe-Blow Developers

We’re well-read, albeit not published (not yet anyway!), we know our programming technologies, and we have freakishly high standards in our work. To us, software development is not just a damn day job, it’s what we love doing.

BrightMix Founders,
Kevin Zink and Dusty Davidson