BrightMix in the news – Jailbreak Omaha

June 21st, 2009 by dusty

Jailbreak Omaha

We’ve been in the news quite a bit recently, and have been lax on tauting these happenings to the blog. Most recently, this past Saturday I was quoted in the Omaha World Herald in a story about the coworking project that we’re helping to spearhead called Jailbreak Omaha.

Jailbreak is a hybrid coworking / incubator / cool space, with an emphasis on fostering collaboration and building community amongst the people involved in the space. Unlike your typical incubator, this place will be very “cool” and “hip”. Think Google or Pixar. The goal is for it to be the type of place that people actually want to go to..

From the article…

Co-working involves individuals and small companies sharing office space to save money and exchange ideas. The concept is gaining popularity among freelance workers and independent designers across the country, said Dusty Davidson, one of the project’s coordinators and co-owner of Brightmix — a small Omaha-based Web development company.

So Davidson and other project coordinators, including Jeff Slobotski of Silicon Prairie News, decided to open a co-working space in Omaha. They want to bring “the coffee shop crowd” together to work and to collaborate, Davidson said.

Unlike your typical stuffy executive suites or incubator spaces…

Davidson said Jailbreak will be more than just shared office space.

“It’s about building community and fostering collaboration.”

The Jailbreak community could be leveraged to build entrepreneurial spirit among participants, he said.

Jailbreak would not be the first small-business incubator in Omaha, but it would be the first to combine the functions of a traditional incubator that offers subsidized space and other resources with a level of collaboration that is typically associated with co-working spaces, he said.

“The goal is to be a beacon for entrepreneurs in and around Omaha,” Davidson said.

You can read the full article at (hopefully it stays up for more than 7 days). Stay tuned for LOTS more information about this project in the coming months..