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October 14th, 2008 by dusty

Kevin's head is unusually small...
It has been a busy week in the “traditional” news media for us here at BrightMix.

Last Tuesday, Dusty was on a panel for the Creighton Business Ethics Alliance . On the panel were three individuals who where discussing the difference between the generations (Traditionalists, Baby Boomers, Millennials), and how communcation between the groups plays into business ethics. Needless to say, a lively discussion ensued. Afterwards, there was a nice writeup in the Omaha World Herald highlighting the key points:

Younger generations want more flexibility in the workplace and are more focused on outcomes instead of the process in reaching goals, Davidson said.

That can be off-putting for older workers, who are just as concerned with the process as the outcome, Fransecky said.

Millennials grew up immersed in technology, so they may view texting on their cell phone while responding to an e-mail while talking to their supervisor as multitasking, Davidson said. But, Martin said, their baby-boomer bosses might view that behavior as disrespectful.

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Then, as if one article in 7 days wasn’t enough, we were fortunate enough to be featured as a Mover in the World Herald, on the front page of the Money Section, complete with picture.

Dusty Davidson and Kevin Zink, co-owners of BrightMix, were unsatisfied with their software development jobs in corporate America, so they decided to start their own company.

“We wanted to build the kind of company we wanted to work for,” Davidson said.

The pair met while working at a small company, but parted ways when each went to work for large corporations. However, the pair quickly decided “cube-land” wasn’t a good fit, Zink said, and they missed the small-company atmosphere.

Each partner contributed $1,000, and BrightMix, a company that develops Internet-based software applications, was born in Zink’s basement. Within three months, BrightMix moved into an office space, complete with foosball and pool tables.

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We also want to extend many thanks to Stefanie Monge, who is really doing a fantastic job covering entrepreneurs and small businesses in the Omaha area, and giving them a chance to shine.