We Love Ustream.tv!

October 13th, 2008 by dusty

Ustream.tv!Thanks to folks like Gary Vaynerchuk, and 37signals, we here at BrightMix have a new found love for the live video streaming site Ustream.tv What is it you ask? Basically, we’re able to stream video live over the internet, for the entire world to watch. Our first broadcast was last week, when Kevin and I spoke at Creighton University for a group of young entrepreneurs. Believe it or not, over 20 people joined us online, in addition to the 20-30 in the room. You can go view the archived version of the presentation here. We followed that up by Ustreaming the Chamber Pitch Competition on Thursday night (where 15+ people tuned in to watch), and Ustreaming our weekly grill out day.

Stay tuned for more live broadcasts, we think its a fantastic way to build community, and to share our experiences and opinions with the world. Following us on Twitter is the easiest way to find out when we’ll be broadcasting, or follow us on UStream. Soon though, we’ll be launching BrightMix.tv, which will be the one-stop-shop for all things video at BrightMix. Stay tuned!

Dusty & Kevin giving a presentation to a group of Creighton University entrepreneurs

Grill Day at BrightMix (mmmmm…steak….)