BrightMix on Twitter!

July 19th, 2008 by dusty

Recently, Twitter has become quite popular in the Omaha area! (I know, I know, we’re a bit behind the times)… BrightMix is naturally right in the middle of all the activity. We thought it’d be nice to share a couple of the Twitter feeds from Chemion, our people, and our friends…

The “Official” BrightMix feed…


Members of the BrightMix team….





Some friends of BrightMix…

@jjsnyc, @secretpenguin, @joeschmidt, @bistodesign, @wahoobudd, @andypeters, @secos, @zorigitano, @snekse, @johnhenrymuller … and so many more..

Finally, our friend Eric Downs of @DownsDesign (and others) have also spearheaded a number of Omaha Tweetup’s, for those of us on Twitter to gather and chat about all things tech/business/etc… Good times! Looking forward to the next one!