BrightMix Welcomes Erin!

February 21st, 2008 by kevin

Erin's 1st Day
After about a month of posting jobs and interviewing candidates for our first developer position opening, we’re happy to welcome aboard Erin! Hooray!

Erin brings to the table a lot of programming and leadership experience. Oh, and she’s nice and we like her!

We spent the majority of the day in the ol’ conference room. In the morning, we went over the in’s and out’s of our business, and in the afternoon, we went over a lot of the details about our clients and our current projects. There’s a lot more going on here than we expected—definitely way more than someone can absorb in one sitting, but Erin bared with us.

On a side note, we had to re-arrange the office in preparation for Erin’s arrival. In the process, we actually found a room arrangement that looks and feels a helluva lot better than our original layout. Sweet…

To celebrate Erin joining us, and the creation of our new whiteboard, we took some time out of our busy day to film a short time-lapse video in the conference room, an idea first presented to us by the cool people over at Carsonified. We felt the need to take the video just a little over the top, so we added in some Chariots of Fire. Enjoy 😉

A few more Photos of our work…