Internship – A few questions and answers…

February 9th, 2008 by dusty

It was just a few days ago that we first mentioned our summer internship program, and we’ve already received a LOT of applications! Keep them coming!

A couple of questions have come up though, so I thought I would address them here…

What’s the deadline for applying?

The deadline for applying is March 15th, 2008. Don’t wait till the last minute though! We’ll start calling people to do phone interviews well before that, so get your applications in as soon as possible!

When does the internship start?

We’re tentatively looking for the internship to start in the middle of May, and will run until the middle of August. It will be approximately 12 weeks long, and we’re flexible based on when people are getting out of school, or might have to go back to school.

Can you tell us a bit more about this “brand new web 2.0 application”?

The project is still a bit of a secret, and we will try to keep it that way throughout the internship to build buzz. I can tell you that it will encompass many of the “web 2.0” ideals, including social features, ajax, and rounded corners 😉 And, it’s public-facing, so you’ll be able to (and we hope you will!) go home and tell mom “Hey, look at what I did this summer!”.

What do you mean by “Build Buzz”?

Throughout the process, our interns will be blogging about their development efforts. While not giving away the specifics of the project, we’d love for you to share with the world the experience that you’re having as a BrightMix intern. Check out for a great example of exactly what we’re talking about.

What technologies?

On our job posting we mentioned that we’re looking for experience with Java/PHP/Perl + MySQL. The actual project will be written in Ruby on Rails We feel that any bright individuals with LAMP experience should have no problems picking up Rails relatively quickly. For those unfamiliar with Ruby on Rails, I HIGHLY encourage you to check it out… It’s incredibly exciting and cutting edge, and we really enjoy it. We think you will too.

Is the internship only for students?

Ideally we’re looking for college students between their Junior and Senior years. However, we encourage anyone to apply. Its a fixed-length internship though, for 12 weeks during the summer, so it naturally lends itself well to students.

What kind of experience are you looking for?

We know that as students, you probably don’t have a ton of professional experience, and that’s not a problem. We’re more interested in finding the people that show true passion for programming (and for design). For instance, the folks that are hacking away at things on the side, and learning new technologies, because they enjoy it. We want to hear what classes you’ve taken, and which ones you enjoyed the most. We’d love for you to have a website/blog of your own, though its not strictly required. Basically, we’re looking for talented, smart and fun individuals, not unlike ourselves 🙂

That’s about it for the question and answers for today. We encourage everyone to apply for the internship, and if you have further questions, don’t hesitate to email us at or leave a comment below!