Office Construction, Round 1

July 20th, 2009 by dusty

This weekend, we embarked on a rather ambitious task to clean up the basement here at the office and make it more livable. For some time now, we’ve had our conference room downstairs, but you’ve always had to suffer through this dingy basement in order to get there. Additionally, with Silicon Prairie News having a full time employee, and with the addition of new people at BrightMix, we have a fairly urgent need to add more space. Since moving sucks, we thought we’d try and squeeze as much life out of the office we have!

So this past weekend, thanks to the help of a bunch of people — my Dad & Grandpa, the BrightMix team, Bentern & Nick — we were able to complete the first major milestone in the construction: replacing out the basement door. This change will let an amazing amount of light in, and clean things up in general.

A few other highlights from the weekend:

We have some big plans for the basement, but think they’ll make the downstairs a much more exciting place to be. My hope would be, that people who are sitting upstairs will want to move downstairs once its all said and done! We’ll wait and see if that happens.

Below are a few of the pictures we took over the weekend. You can view the rest over at our Flickr photostream. Enjoy!



light switches

mixing mortar