Welcome to BrightMix Tony!

July 12th, 2009 by dusty


We’re excited to announce the newest member of the BrightMix team — Tony Noecker!

We’ve been looking for another developer for some time now, and after a fairly rigorous and exhaustive search, are very pleased to have Tony on board. We met him for the first time at Big Omaha,

He’s been here a week, and here are some fun facts:

Look for new content on the BrightMix Blog from Tony, and follow him on Twitter at @sournote. If you’d like to meet him, you’ll have your chance very soon at the BrightMix Ice Cream Social on July 31st. Stop by and say hi!

Welcome to BrightMix Tony!

In the coming weeks we’ll be outlining the process that we used to find candidates and decide on hiring Tony. We pride ourselves in not only hiring some of the most talented individuals around, but also people who fit in and compliment our company culture. Doing this is no small feat, and as such we’d like to share with the world *our* take on how to go about it.