Running BrightMix “In the Cloud”

June 23rd, 2009 by dusty

Last week, I gave a talk to the local chapter of the AITP organization about how BrightMix leverages “cloud computing” to run our company and uses the best cloud storage. For the talk, I use the term “cloud computing” in the sense that most of the software applications that we use to run our company are all software-as-a-service rather than physical software installations. In this sense, they exist only “in the cloud”.

It was a good crowd of people, from diverse technology backgrounds, many of whom I’m sure had not heard of many of the technologies that I spoke of. I gave the list in Top Ten format, and here are the list of 10 things that we use as a company to get things done.

#10 – Campfire
#9 – Mozy
#8 – Google Voice
#7 – Skype
#6 – Quickbooks … NOT!
#5 – Freshbooks
#4 – Blogs, Twitter, Facebook
#3 – Google Docs
#2 – Google Calendar
#1 – Gmail (specifically Google Apps Mail)

Here’s the slides from the presentation as well…