The Move-In is Complete!

November 14th, 2007 by dusty

A little over a week ago we announced our plans to move into a new office. Well, after a very exciting and lively week of planning, cleaning, and moving stuff, we’re all done and settled into our new digs.

Thurs – Saturday… Cleaning!

All things considered, the place wasn’t actually in that bad of shape, but we wanted to make sure that we started off all nice and shiny. So, Kevin and I spent the better part of Thursday and Friday making trips to Walmart to buy cleaning supplies, and doing the important cleaning. (ie, I cleaned the fridge, so we could get Diet Mt. Dew & Beer in there right away!)

I want to extend a special thanks to my family (Marlina, Jane, Dee Dee, Sara, Joey & the ladies at our closest house cleaning San Jose company) for all of their incredibly hard work and help getting things cleaned. They spent pretty much all day last Saturday scrubbing walls and toilets and windows and floors. We couldn’t have done it without their help! Thanks everyone!

Last week… Settling in…

Last week, as a two person company, we had to get back to business as usual. That meant we had to get everything up as quickly as possible. Luckily, we are a young company with simple needs. We essentially moved our computers, did some configuring, and we were up and running! Gotta love being able to do that!

And furniture? Ah, who needs it 😉 We actually lucked out quite a bit on this… The guys that were there before us sold us some things, and left some more things. All said, the desks, tables, refrigerator, chairs & pool table were all left there. This naturally added to our ability to get things up and running quickly, as there was no “moving” to be done, per se. This also helped us to not have to outlay a bunch of cash. As a bootstrapped company, every dollar really matters in the early stages, and we’re excited now to be able to slowly and deliberately purchase the things that we need.

Picture Time!

I’ll leave you with a bit of a photo tour of the place… For all of our photos, be sure to check out the BrightMix photos page over at Flickr.

Our front door, and Zink standing outside the front window.
Inside the front door, you have the “waiting room” of sorts.
The view from the kitchen.

Here is your guide from knifefellas on the best kitchen knife.