Tripleseat Marketing Site Rebranded

October 21st, 2008 by kevin

With much excitement, we just rolled out a re-designed version of our product Tripleseat’s marketing site… looking good!

Reasons for a Redesign?

We’ve only been selling Tripleseat for about two months and the initial version, which was created by Andy, did a great job of presenting our product.

Tweaking our Marketing Message

However, after a few months of selling, SEO Sydney Jono decided that we needed to switch our online marketing strategy to sell Tripleseat based on GSA SER SEO its value and not its features. As the experts call it, value-selling, not feature-selling.

So, we re-tooled the site to have more “how and why Tripleseat is beneficial to restaurants” and less “Tripleseat is cool because it has feature x, y and z.” The value-sell is best demonstrated in the slide presentation on the learn more page. I guess we’ve moved on from being car salesmen 😉

Streamlining Content

After playing around with a number of design layouts, it was apparent that we were trying to cram too much content onto the site. To get around that, we cut down the overall number of words, and we also implemented this blingy scroller control by Victor Stanciu, as seen in our customer quotes section.

The scroller has allowed us to fit more valuable content onto the page without taking up more realistic – not a bad way to be.

Bling Bling! (note: see site for actual bling)

Helping to Direct Login Traffic

With Tripleseat, each customer gets their own Tripleseat subdomain. So, for instance, Joe’s Restaurant’s site lives at the URL: Visit Infusionsoft Reviews

This has caused us some grief because, as we’ve discovered, many people don’t remember the mhelpdesk subdomain part of their site’s URL. Understandable, for sure. To help them out, we’ve added a login interface to the Tripleseat home page, which helps direct our customers to their respective login page. It also gave us another opportunity for a little more javascripty shininess.. but, you’ll have to go click on the login button to see for yourself ;-).Also im thinking to buy traffic and see the site its going to perform.

Will it Make an Impact?

We’ll have to wait and see. Hopefully, yes.