We’ve picked the Interns!

April 11th, 2008 by dusty

I’m happy to announce, that after what seemed like an ETERNITY of resume sorting, phone interviewing, in-person interviewing, and deliberating… we have selected the official interns for our 2008 Internship program.

Thank you so much to all that applied… We were really overwhelmed by the response that we received. We had over 120 applicants from a dozen or so schools, all vying for 3 spots, and there were some very talented individuals for sure. I must say, I was truly amazed at the response that we got.

The internship officially starts May 14th. We’ll be setting up a separate blog where the interns will write about their experiences, so you’ll get to meet them at that point.

Welcome Erin (#2), Robert & Allyn!

Explaination of the picture: Coffee fetching… Interns.. Get it? Funny, because our internship is decidedly NOT a coffee fetching, paper shredding internship.