Whew! One Year of Official Business!

July 31st, 2008 by kevin

Today marks BrightMix’s one year anniversary. Magically, we’ve made it through an entire year!

Many of you probably never saw our first, founding blog post, since we literally had like 4 readers back then, including our Moms (plus the website was an eye-seering neon green back then – yikes!). Reading that post brings a little tear to my eye, and reminds me of who we were back when we first started – 2 developers who had just quit their corporate jobs, child pornography lawyer Toronto out to show the world a thing or two!

Well, here we sit, 1 year later, still kicking ass and doing our thing. It’s been an interesting ride, and we’ve progressed quite a bit from being just 2 lowly developers… you learn a lot after running a business for a year.

A Rough Progression of BrightMix via Blogposts

I wanted to create more posts about our company as we progress, but I only managed to create 3 over the course of the year. Better than none, I suppose!

Some memorable occurrences for us:

So What’s Next?

As we approach our second year of business, a few rules of the game have changed for us.

Programmers doing design work is out, graphic designers doing design work is IN!

We’ve integrated graphic design by designers into our software development process, and I don’t think we can ever go back. Having talented designers on staff has allowed us to create some pretty sweet websites in a fraction of the time it would have taken us.

Creating and Launching our own Products

Our Tripleseat product is nearing completion. If all goes as planned, restaurant owners and managers will be using it… and loving it! Tripleseat is currently in Beta, but we expect to have an official release sometime in August.

Similarly, the yet-to-be announced product that our Summer Interns built will be beta launching at BarCamp Omaha on August 16th. Stay tuned to the Internship Blog for more details on that.

Bigger Visions… Bigger Goals

Our starting goals revolved around securing a steady stream of income to help bankroll our business, making a fun workplace environment, and coming up with a great software development process.

We’ve pretty well tackled all aforementioned goals, so it’s time to find new, bigger, and better goals!

We want to position ourselves as the leading web development company here in Omaha. Similarly, we want to help drive and push this community into the modern age of web 2.0. As such, we’ve become involved with the Chamber of Commerce, as well as seeking and making connections with other innovative professionals around town. We’ll see where things take us!

Our Thanks to all BrightMix Supporters

It’s been quite a fast year for us, and we’re very grateful to all of our BrightMix supporters. Stay tuned to the blog for year #2 of BrightMix action – if everything goes as planned, it should be another exciting and eventful year!

p.s., some upcoming occurrences: BrightMix.tv, another re-branding of BrightMix.com, campfire hijinks, Office space style printer bash!